Supporting widespread uptake to achieve energy policy objectives


Our energy environment is changing rapidly as Governments globally strive to make cost efficient use of existing resources while enabling the emergence of a low carbon economy. Innovative policy is crucial to enabling the emergence of those technologies that will deliver this.

The UK aspires to be at the forefront of this effort. Policy interventions, such as the forthcoming reform of the Electricity Market, the Heat Strategy and the development of a smarter grid, are designed to replace current infrastructure so as to improve security of energy supply, meet binding carbon targets and generate wider benefits for our economy.

Micro CHP (mCHP), a cost-effective and flexible low carbon solution that generates heat and electricity on-site, can support this transformation of the UK’s
energy system and relevant policy objectives. Several complementary mCHP products with diverse specifications are already available, or close to commercialisation, in the UK

At an important juncture for the success of mCHP, this report by key mCHP stakeholders aspires to set a framework for constructive discussion with a wide range of policy stakeholders on the technology’s potential to contribute to energy policy objectives. The report also seeks to serve as a basis for cooperation with industry stakeholders, including leaders in the distributed and smart energy sectors and distribution network operators, to examine synergies such as the undertaking of flagship distributed generation projects.


Report by Ecuity Consulting LLP ( March 2013) 

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