Pointing to the use of co-generated heating, hydro powered electricity and fuel cell powered transport, the scenic Autonomous Province of Trento in northern Italy hosted on 31 January 2014 the third workshop of ene.field , the largest EU demonstration program for FC powered micro CHP. Trento has seen a significant increase in the presence of important FC and H2 technology companies that are developing small FC power systems and recently also FC powered mini buses, traveling effortless through snow-packed mountain ranges. Its local energy provider Dolomiti Reti has been a strong supporter of integrating FC powered systems in this local network.

The workshop, promoted by SOFCpower, a local fuel cell supplier, HyER, Environmental Park, Politecnico di Torino e Dolomiti Energia saw more than 80 participants who were also updated on the developments at national level, after a successful meeting in Rome last December; a FC and H2 Platform is being established to ensure that the use of these technologies will be more visible in Italy’s Strategia energia nazionale (SEN). SEN still points to five areas that include mainly conventional technologies although it refers to the technology “neutrality “of the Italian government.

HyER, who was presenting the ene.field project at the workshop, referred to the recent EU Communication for a “policy framework for climate and energy s in the period from 2020 to 2030?. The Communication still is not indicating references to an EU energy efficiency ambition in relation while projects like enefield already demonstrate competitive business cases: Elcore and SOFCPower, two of the eight suppliers in enefield, that are joining forces to demonstrate the use of these systems in European homes to generate electricity and energy, presented their products. From more information on the project or to communicate your interest to organise a local workshop please contact Sabrine Skiker in the HyER secretariat.

Presentations (in Italian) are here:


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