Regional workshop “ene.field” in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)/Germany

The ene.field workshop organised by NRW Energie Agentur and HyER on  28 November attracted over 100 participants, HyER presented the enefield project together with the 6 suppliers of the small stationary fuel cells involved in the project.

The audience received comprehensive information on the technological developments, the costs and the experiences so far in fuel cell micro Combined Heat and Power (CHP), along with explanations on the ene.field project, the opportunities to participate and the incentives. Participants could also look very concretely at the products displayed during the workshop (the so called “market place”) and some additional technical information about each product.The Callux project, the micro fuel cells program in Germany that served as an example for ene.field  project, reported that 9 out 10 customers would recommend the system to others, as system performance is around 99% with overall efficiencies (electricity plus heat) around 90 % . System costs have been reduced by 60% in the Callux project and operating costs run now around 7 cts per kW, while  1,2 ton CO2 emission per system per year could be avoided. In Germany  640,000 residential heating systems are being sold every year while 3.2 mln heating systems are 24 years and older. For more information watch this space for information on workshops near you.

Please find below the presentations held on 28 November in Düsseldorf (Germany):

Cogeneration strategy in NRW, Mr Frank Hager, ministry of climate protection, environment, agriculture, conservation and consumer protection of the Stat of North Rhine-Westphalia

Significance of FC micro CHP – experience from the Callux project, Dr. Marc-Simon Löffler, Centre for solarenergy and hydrogen Baden-Würrtemberg

Introduction to the ene.field project and presentation of the products, Ms Marieke Reijalt, HyER

Opportunities for associated field partners, Technical and economical questions, Dipl-wirt Ing. Michael Braun, Baxi Innotech

Opportunities for associated field partners, Monitoring and scientific questions, Mr Frank Burmeister, GWI

EWE report, more than 400 micro FC CHP systems tested, Mr Markus Seidel, EWE

Introduction of a  technological programme (FC Initiative), Mr Alexander Dauensteiner, Vaillant