RiesaerBrennstoffzellentechnik GmbH (RBZ) span out of a development group and was founded in April 2005. The main shareholder of RBZ is the inhouse engineering GmbH (IHE) located in Berlin. The development of the most important components takes place at this consortium. The fuel cell stack is an own development of IHE and the steam reformer to generate the necessary hydrogen from natural gas is developed by RBZ. RBZ is also responsible for the final manufacturing, the set up into operation and the service and maintenance in cooperation with IHE. We are engaged in product development and manufacturing processes for a residential micro combined heat and power (micro-CHP) unit and have built and developed relationships with key industry partners. Until now the company has grown to around 20 staff and we are the leading company in the niche market of 5 kW electrical power in Europe. In cooperation with the partners RBZ will collect and analyse the monitoring data to optimize the system and balance of plant. Until now the company has grown to around 20 staff and we are the leading company in the niche market of 5 kW fuel cell systems in Europe.

What we do

RBZ and its partners are developing the CHP system inhouse5000, based on PEM fuel cell technology and steam reforming of natural gas. We use the PEM-Stack of our partner inhouse engineering Berlin. Our system delivers 1.7 to 5.0 kW electrical power with an excellent efficiency of about 34 % (total efficiency is 92 %). At the same time 3.0 to 7.5 kW thermal power is produced with temperatures up to 50 / 70 °C. The inhouse5000 is designed to provide multifamily houses, hotels and restaurants as well as small and medium enterprises with heat and power. A fleet of about 40 fuel cell micro-CHP devices will be deployed in a range of buildings with different energy demands and usage patterns, with the aims of demonstrating and optimising performance and exploring the consumer acceptance of the technology. RBZ will be responsible for manufacturing, support and maintenance of the systems.

Our role in the ene.field project

We will deliver and install the inhouse5000 systems with our partners. RBZ will train the staff required to install and maintain the systems. In cooperation with the partners RBZ will collect and analyse the monitoring data to optimise the system and balance of plant.


Mr André Ackermann – Manager Sales & Marketing

Tel +49 35265 – 51 – 449

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Please note it can take up to 3 weeks for us to process your request and get back to you. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Express Interest

Please contact the national contact point for your country and check the questionnaire below to see if you match the requirements. It would be useful if you could send us an email with the information below so that your contact point can already have this information at hand when they contact you:

  • Select which best describes you, or the organisation considering purchasing a fuel cell mCHP?

Options: Residential / Business / Governmental organisation / non-profit organisation / Other

  • When would you need the system to be installed in your house?

Options: Urgently / In the next 6 months / I don’t mind.  (Please note that installation cannot be organised for emergency replacement of your current heating system as the arrangement for installing our systems could take some time.)

  • Do you have an electricity and gas connection in your building?

Options: YES / NO Installation cannot be organised in building with no electricity or gas connection as both are required for the system to be able to operate.

  • Do you have 740 x 1550 x 1159 mm of clear space to install the fuel cell mCHP? 

Options: YES / NO

  • If you know it, please specify your heat consumption (and metric for measurement) over the last year  (you can find this information on your utility bill).

Options:  measurement / I don’t know

  • Are you able to make a financial contribution?

Options: YES / NO

A financial contribution will be required to have one of our system installed. The national contact point will be able to provide additional information on the financial contribution required.

Model from RBZ: inhouse5000+

Recommended application: multi-family houses, hotel and restaurants, public buildings, schools, small companies.