Environment Park is the company managing the Turin technology park which aims to promote the development of applied energy and environmental-related research, facilitates innovation processes through a strong collaboration with industry and research institutions. Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are one of the strongest technology domains where Environment Parks is operating, together with energy efficiency in buildings and bioenergies. Since many years, Environment Park operates the FC-related laboratory HYSYLab, fully active in the following  activities: FC and system Test, H2 Production and storage.

What we do

Envipark is active in different sectors mainly focused in energy efficiency and saving:

  • Green Building
  • Plasma Nano-Tech
  • Green Chemistry
  • Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy sector is totally dedicated to fuel cells technologies and energy storage with a testing laboratory area where we develop specific test for fuel cell manufacturers and system integrators both at BOP and stack level.

Our role in the ene.field project

Envipark is active in different supporting activities. We are working for the creation of a uniform training path for CHP installers as well as dissemination actions in the local area.  Envipark is also cooperating with the manufacturers and the end-users in order to overcome the non-technical barriers for the installation in the Italian locations.


Ms Sabina Fiorot