Element Energy is one of the UK’s leading low carbon energy consultancies, providing a combination of strategic advice and techo-economic analysis. As a dynamic and growing strategic energy consultancy, we specialise in the intelligent analysis of low-carbon energy, in the sectors of transport, power generation and buildings. We provide advice to our clients based on detailed knowledge of the sectors, robust technical analysis and engineering insights. Element Energy’s work spans the built environment, transport and power generation sectors. Our understanding of the issues and challenges across these sectors means we bring unique insights to every project. Element Energy has been involved in the fuel cell sector for over ten years and is a partner in many UK and European hydrogen fuel cell (FC) activities. Element Energy has been central in initiating some of the largest European hydrogen FC projects, securing over €100m of funding in recent years.

What we do

Element Energy has been involved in hydrogen and fuel cell technology since its formation in 2003 and has carried out numerous techno-economic analyses, strategic work and project management for a variety of fuel cell manufacturers, CHP providers and FCH JU-funded projects.

Our role in the ene.field project

– Manage the mCHP trials, ensuring that they are structured around a common framework and overseeing their day-to-day management.
– Produce a Life Cycle Cost assessment of the different mCHP technologies in their respective market.
– Undertake a market study to assess the market potential of the different mCHP technologies across the different European domestic heating markets and evaluate the supply chain capabilities to support such a deployment.
– Offer support to COGEN


Ms Lisa Ruf