Elcore GmbH, a German corporation based in Munich, manufactures CHP products based on innovative proprietary HTPEM fuel cell technology. Elcore is part of an independent and private company group with headquarters in Munich, Germany. More than 80 highly qualified employees currently on development and production. The company provides high efficiency energy solutions based on state-of-the-art fuel cell technology. Thanks to its integrated development strategy, Elcore can reach an advanced development pace, outstanding product performance and highly competitive cost structures. This is key to successful commercialization of fuel-cells. This approach makes elcomax one of the most progressive technology companies in Germany. The company focuses on combined heat and power systems using natural gas for individual houses, apartment buildings or larger properties. elcomax, as the parent company, provides key components of fuel cell systems. Its subsidiary Elcore develops, assembles and markets novel solutions for highly efficient energy supply by leveraging elcomax’ technology platform. The company group has a high level of vertical development and manufacturing integration on strategic components from electrodes and catalysts to membranes. As revolutionary as its strategy is also its product Elcore 2400: a wall-mounted fuel cell cogeneration system, which was configured exactly for the base load energy need of single family homes.

What we do

The Elcore 2400 CHP system covers the base load of power and heat in individual homes. Thus, families can save up to 50% on their electricity bill and generate warm water throughout the year. A traditional boiler copes with peak heat demand. As an add-on unit, the Elcore 2400 can be combined with any existing boiler and storage tank and integrates seamlessly into the existing power and heat infrastructure. Elcore’s HTPEM CHP system, named Elcore 2400, integrates seamlessly into the existing power and heat infrastructure. The Elcore 2400 can be combined with the majority of the existing heat systems and storage tanks and can be integrated with all typical power grids. As the system provides the base load for power and heat the system always works in combination with the “normal” power grid and with a heating system for peak heat demands. Based on the technology described above and the existing supply chain for all core components Elcore can demonstrate its ability to realize and supply low-cost and low-maintenance CHP units to volume and mass markets in Europe. Elcore will deploy 135 FC micro-CHP systems as part of ene.field.

Our role in the ene.field project

“Already by the end of this decade, Fuel Cell CHP systems are going to play a major role in our homes. Thanks to the ene.field project, European citizens will gain more knowledge on the technology and reach a higher confidence level in the products “said Dr. Manfred Stefener, Elcore CEO. Ene.field also enables the necessary synergy to promote the technology among the governments and energy organizations across Europe and ensure an optimal support for its broad implementation.


Elcore Sales Team

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Please note it can take up to 3 weeks for us to process your request and get back to you. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Express interest

Please contact your Elcore contact and check the questionnaire below to see if you match the requirements. It would be useful if you could send us an email with the information below so that your contact point can already have this information at hand when they contact you:

  • Select which best describes you, or the organisation considering purchasing a fuel cell mCHP?

Options: Residential / Business / Governmental organisation / non-profit organisation / Other

  • When would you need the system to be installed in your house?

Options: Urgently / In the next 6 months / I don’t mind.  (Please note that installation cannot be organised for emergency replacement of your current heating system as the arrangement for installing our systems could take some time.)

  • Do you have an electricity and gas connection in your building?

Options: YES / NO Installation cannot be organised in building with no electricity or gas connection as both are required for the system to be able to operate.

  • Do you have 90x50x50 cm of clear space to install the fuel cell mCHP? 

Options: YES / NO

(The space required to install the  system in a building is 90x50x50 cm wall-mounted, plus buffer storage if not already installed)

  • If you know it, please specify your heat consumption (and metric for measurement) over the last year  (you can find this information on your utility bill).

Options:  measurement / I don’t know

  • Are you able to make a financial contribution?

Options: YES / NO

A financial contribution will be required to have one of our system installed. The national contact point will be able to provide additional information on the financial contribution required. 

Model from Elcore: Elcore 2400