DBI – Gastechnologisches Institut GmbH Freiberg (DBI-GTI) is one of the leading German gas institutes, combining the development of new renewable gaseous fuel technologies and the practical implementation of such technologies. Since 1956 DBI has experience and outstanding knowledge in gas technologies, research and development, innovative engineering and gas strategic problems (policies, regulation, legislation, standards and certification). A subsidiary of DBI GUT, DBI-Gastechnologisches Institut gGmbH Freiberg (Gas Technological Institute) known as DBI-GTI is one of the leading German gas institutes and does research into fundamental gas oriented issues. Acting as a mediator between universities, research institutes and the gas industry, DBI makes a substantial contribution to the renewable energy industry. Our principle of working systematically applies to each of the individual business sectors and our research engineers are oriented towards applied research as well as putting the research results into practical working models.

What we do

The DBI Group is the only company in Germany which serves the entire gas supply chain – from production, storage and transport down to the efficiently applied uses of renewable energy sources. The DBI Group considers itself therefore as being at the forefront of the German gas industry. The main activity fields are: Oil/gas production and storage, gas grids and gas systems, gas utilization, gas chemistry and gas measurement, renewable energies with the main focus on biogas, independent test centre for gas and energy engineering, centre for education and further training of energy industry employees – the entire value chain from gas production via gas transportation to gas usage.

Our role in the ene.field project

For the ene.field project DBI brings in long term experience in fuel cell demonstration and scientific monitoring of CHP-installations of all kind and size covering the whole process from data acquisition with modern field data collection equipment to scientific analysis of the energy system and the facility around. DBI is responsible for online data collection and pre analysis. Data provided from mCHP units and homes will be collected, pre analysed, aggregated and anonymised in the so called clean room process. DBI provides a data server structure for data collection. The aggregated data and mCHP performance data will be delivered to analysis institutes for further interpretation. Basing on experiences DBI acts as WP leader of WP 2. Additionally, different types of mCHP units will be characterised and pre checked in an own testing laboratory.