Ceres Power is a fuel cell technology and engineering company whose aim is to bring cleaner and cheaper energy to businesses, homes and vehicles. We are working with world-leading partners to embed our SteelCell™ technology in mass-market energy products for the commercial, residential and transportation markets.

What we do

As the world shifts to a combustion-free future in order to tackle climate change and air pollution, flexible, resilient technologies that complement and enable the deployment of electric vehicles and renewables are a critical piece in the puzzle. Fuel cells are the most efficient method of converting fuel to power and fuel flexible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells that work on Natural Gas now as well as future fuels like Hydrogen are highly sought. Ceres Power’s cutting-edge SteelCell™ is endorsed by multiple world-leading manufacturers, who are evaluating that this unique technology as the platform upon which they can build their power products to address the array of global growth markets.

Our role in the ene.field project

We have been delighted to participate within the ene.field programme. While we develop our technology to be embedded in the our partners’ power products, this programme provided Ceres Power with an invaluable opportunity to trial a prototype in real-life conditions in several homes in the UK. Proving out the huge potential of our SteelCell™ has been a contributory factor to Ceres Power attracting new partners and signing new partner agreements.



Mr Dan Caesar – Communications & Marketing Director