BAXI INNOTECH GmbH is a Hamburg based company that develops, manufactures and sells fuel cell heating units to be deployed in single family homes. Founded in 1999, the company took up its position as a subsidiary of the BAXI Group in 2002. Here it advanced to become the brain pool of the Group for innovative product developments based on combined heat and power technology. Since the beginning of November 2009, the BAXI Group – along with BAXI Innotech – has belonged to the BDR Thermea constellation, Europe´s third largest manufacture in the heating industry. This Group –formed out of a merger of BAXI with De Dietrich Remeha – is active in even greater measure in traditional and international growth markets with its innovative and top quality products and services. With the Schweinfurt-based company Senertec and the DACHS – their mini combined heat and power unit – as well as the Group’s commitment to the ECOGEN and EVITA heating units from Stirling, BDR Thermea is now market leader in the segment of environmentally friendly CHP. 

What we do

The strategy of the BAXI Group is focused on a strong commitment to combined heat and power (CHP). BAXI INNOTECH is the centre of excellence for fuel cell technology and consequently plays a very special role in the BDR Thermea Group as the company which develops fuel cell heating units as well as being the brain pool for innovative product development based on CHP technology. A major focus of their activity lies in the product development of the highly-efficient PEM fuel cell heating unit for single family homes.  The company has also started with the evaluation and development of fuel cells based on the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). Depending on customer requirements, the application of both technologies is anticipated in the future heating market. In the development of our highly efficient fuel cell heating unit, we will be meeting the demands of energy policy for increased efficiency with a sustainable, environmentally responsible and clean solution. For that reason we joined the ene.field project in 2012. Since 2008 BAXI has also been a partner in the Callux project, the practice test carried out by the German government and the industry to prepare stationary fuel cell heating units for the market. 

Our role in the ene.field project

A partnership that shapes the market – Guido Gummert, Managing Director of BAXI Innotech, made the following comments on the pronouncements of the European Fuel Cell Initiative: “The development of this technology has reached the stage of technical maturity. A crucial step towards commercialization has now been taken with the subsidized project “ene.field”, particularly with regard to the introduction in other potential markets outside of Germany. A very important related effect is that all the major manufacturers and development partners now approach and shape the future market together with their innovations.”