The first Installation of the Elcore 2400 system took place on the 6 September 2013 in Germany (West of Munich)

The ene.field project provides great support to increase the number of systems operating in European homes. The data collected in the households will serve to generate a comprehensive report on the potential of fuel cells in Europe. In a typical household, the Elcore 2400 can save up to 40% of primary energy and at the same time significantly reduce energy costs “, said Dr. Manfred Stefener, Elcore CEO.

Their mid-terrace house with 120m² living space, situated in the west of Munich, corresponds to the typical single-family home targeted by ene.field. The Elcore 2400 covers the base load energy demand with constant 300W electrical power and 600W thermal output used for warm water and heating.

The family of four will benefit from decentralized heat and power generation thanks to the Elcore 2400 and ene.field: “We are proud to start the ene.field project in Germany with Elcore. To have such a system with the newest fuel cell technology at home is exciting. We wanted to get involved with this innovative fuel cell cogeneration system tailored for single family homes and achieve significant energy savings“, said Mr. Aberl.

The company Schröter Haustechnik conducted the installation: “In the scope of renovating his heating system we advised the customer to install the Elcore 2400. I want to support new technologies like the fuel cell that improves energy efficiency in homes, reduces CO2 emissions and contributes to the success of the energy transition. The Elcore 2400 is easy to install, can be integrated in almost every house and requires little space due to its compact size and wall-mounting”, said Mr. Schröter, owner of the company.

For further information please check Elcore´s Press Release and Elcore´s website

Picture 1: Installation of the Elcore 2400 system at family Aberl: Jörg Schröter, Schröter Haustechnik (left), Martin Eichelbrönner, Elcore GmbH (right) and family Aberl represented by their last born son.

Picture 2: Family Aberl’s house

Picture 3:Installation of the Elcore 2400 system at family Aberl: Martin Eichelbrönner, Elcore GmbH (left), Jörg Schröter, Schröter Haustechnik (right)

Picture 4: Elcore 2400 at family Aberl’s home: Christian Aberl (left), Martin Eichelbrönner, Elcore GmbH (right)