The Installation of the first system of Baxi Innotech took place on the 6 September 2013 in Germany in close cooperation with The Homburg Municipal Works.

“There are many heating appliances in the cellars of Germany that are more than ten years old. Modern heating equipment can make an important contribution to protecting our environment by, for example, saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.  Thermal power stations that simultaneously generate heat and energy are suitable for larger buildings constructed for several families or for commercial purposes. But for single-family homes they are often too big and consequently unviable. And this is where the FC micro CHP U technology will be extremely useful in future. To drive forward its market introduction, we have decided to take part in the ‘ene.field’ European field test,” said Wolfgang Ast, Managing Director of the Homburg Municipal Works.

“I immediately proposed to my family that we apply to take part in the test when I read about the Municipal Works’ invitation. I am promising myself lower heating costs and, by generating current at the same time, even further cost savings. Now I can’t wait to see the results,” said Friedrich Bossler, as he explained his commitment to the fuel cell as a Municipal Works customer.

Guido Gummert, Managing Director of BAXI INNOTECH said that “Energy has become a valuable resource. A fuel cell heating appliance ensures that it is managed as efficiently as possible. This needs-based type of on-the-spot heat and energy provision is considered highly efficient and has a total efficiency of 96 per cent. Compared with all other known heating technologies it performs significantly better,” is how this impassioned process engineer puts it. “We are now at the technical fine tuning of the components stage. The market launch will be in 2015.”

For further information please check Baxi Innotech´s press release in German or English 

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