As part of the demonstration project ene.field, Fuel Cell – micro CHP (FC-?CHP) units are assessed in terms of their environmental performance in different settings. The settings vary notably in terms of a home’s space heating demand. This, in turn, is a function of the dwelling type (i.e. Single Family Home (SFH) and Multi-Family Home (MFH)), its level of insulation (i.e. new/renovated and old buildings) and climate zone (i.e. northern, central and southern) that vary in terms of outside temperatures that are also a function of solar irradiance. The FC-?CHP systems considered are complemented with a gas condensing boiler (GCB) and a heat store. As a second aim of this study, the systems are compared with other low-carbon, incumbent techniques, notably a stand-alone GCB and for single-family homes an air-water heat pump (HP). All homes equipped with these devices are connected to the electricity grid.

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