This report has been thought as an addendum to the Position Paper drafted before the beginning of the installation phase. That document was produced with the aim to supply an overview of the European and national RC&S framework concerning the installation aspects of the FC-based microCHP systems. The work has been done in order to give the manufacturers an idea of what they should expect from each country considered for the installation.
The installation phase lasted for approximately three years, in which the target originally fixed by the ene.field project (around 1’000 units) has been reached. In details, 1046 units have been installed in 10 European countries with a distribution of 603 SOFC and 443 PEM.
Now, through the present work, manufacturers have been asked to share their experiences during the three-years installation phase, highlighting the differences between what was expected and what really was the interaction with the current European and national legislative system.
The survey has been conducted by submitting a questionnaire to all the manufacturers involved. The questionnaire possesses the same structure of those proposed during the draft of the Position Paper. According to the answers and additional comments supplied by the participants, it has been possible to understand the real impact that the current RC&S system had over the installation phase.

To read the full report, please click on the following link: Addendum to the Position Paper on RC&S