FC micro-CHP Field Trials open to customers!

Field trials for fuel cell micro-CHP are now open to EU customers. The opportunity has been opened for individual households and families to apply for units to be installed at home, alongside to larger deployments by private companies. You can find out if field trials are open in the country you live in by clicking on the European map on the ene.field homepage. All the information about the EU countries involved in the ene.field project and the manufacturers interested in deploying can be found there.

Go to the ene.field website and check:

  • Do you fulfil the basic requirements?
  • Is your house suitable to have a FC mCHP system?
  • Are there manufacturers installing in your type of household in your country?

There are different kinds of fuel cell micro-CHP installations available: for houses, small businesses, blocks of flats, public buildingsā€¦ Visit our website and find our more!


ene.field identifies 3 main challenges facing fuel cell micro-CHP supply chain in the EU

This new report reveals that the most serious factor limiting the successful development of the supply chain is production volume, which is the key driver towards reducing system costs. The second challenge identified is the need to reduce system complexity and the cost of individual components, and to develop collaborative strategies between key players. Finally, there is a need to plan large-scale public deployment projects in order to support wide distribution of the systems.

Read the complete report here

Download the newsflash here