Fuel cell mCHPs from SOLIDpower, Hexis, Dantherm Power, RBZ and Elcore are available for field trials in the UK (click on the manufacturer´s names for detailed information).

We would need you to provide some basic information about the building were the CHP system will be installed to understand if our heating systems would be suitable for you. Please have a look at the short checklist below. It will take only 3 minutes.

Checklist – Important prerequisites for the installation of a fuel cell mCHP!  Those interested in a fuel cell mCHP should consider several aspects in advance:

•Installation cannot be organised for emergency replacement of your current heating system.
•The building should have a main gas  connection.
•The building should have  a central heating system.
•The building should be connected to the electricity grid.
•The building should have an internet connection.

You can find  more information here: InfoPack_EN

Green Deal

In January 2013, the £125m Green Deal initiative was launched in England, Scotland and Wales allowing property owners to have their buildings assessed for potential energy-saving improvements and obtain financial support for the installation. The loan is paid back in electricity bills over a period of 10-25 years. Micro-CHP is eligible for the funding within the programme as one of the energy-saving technologies.

Feed-In Tariff scheme (FITs)

Micro-CHP installations of less than 2 kWh, are eligible for feed-in tariffs. Feed-in tariffs provide a payment for the generation and export of electricity from low-carbon sources over a period of ten years. It is likely that more small-scale CHP applications could become eligible for tariffs as they are brought to market.

Renewable Heat Incentive

The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme is a pending project of financial support for installation of renewable heat technologies in households. The domestic RHI is expected to be presented in mid-2013 and become operational in spring 2014. It is estimated to generate £2,376 million subsidy cost until 2021. Micro-CHP installations were initially excluded from the domestic RHI scheme, as they are systems dependent on fossil fuel. This is expected to change as a result of the public consultation, which took place from September to December 2012. According to the Ecuity report, an increase in the feed-in tariff to 17p/kWh would stimulate better consumer incentive, compared to other low-carbon technologies.

Fuel Cells installed

Woking Park Leisure Centre was the UK’s first hydrogen fuel cell plant launched in 2003. The system was designed to support the public swimming pool’s heating and power systems and Woking Park’s lighting.