Learning points from demonstration of 1000 fuel cell based micro-CHP units
The report gives an overview of the various analyses carried out as part of the ene.field project in the years 2012-2017 and presents learning points.. More info >>
Fuel Cell micro – CHP in the Context of EU Energy Transition – Policy Analysis & Recommendations
This report makes policy recommendations to support the widespread deployment of fuel cell micro-cogeneration systems, while providing a review of policy frameworks at the EU.. More info >>
Benefits of Widespread Deployment of Fuel Cell micro-CHP in Securing and Decarbonising the Future European Electricity System
This ene.field report, authored by the project partner Imperial College London, provides a definitive result on the overall macro-economic and macro-environmental implication of a widespread.. More info >>
Life Cycle Cost Analysis – Public Summary
This study examines the Life Cycle Cost of fuel cell mCHP, compared to incumbent technologies based on an aggregated, updated set of manufacturer cost and.. More info >>
Environmental life cycle assessment – Executive summary
As part of the demonstration project ene.field, Fuel Cell – micro CHP (FC-?CHP) units are assessed in terms of their environmental performance in different settings More info >>
NG quality issues for use in the micro-CHP fuel cell: focus on sulfur odorants
The present report provides an accurate overview on the current situation concerning the quality of the Natural Gas (NG) transported and distributed throughout Europe More info >>
Addendum to the Position paper on RCS
This report has been thought as an addendum to the Position Paper drafted before the beginning of the installation phase More info >>
Non-economic barriers to large-scale market uptake of fuel cell based micro-CHP technology
The large-scale market introduction of fuel cell (FC) based micro combined heat and power (micro-CHP) systems in residential application faces a broad range of challenges,.. More info >>
Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration: Measuring the benefits – Information for field trial participants
This brochure provides information on fuel cell micro-Cogeneration and its beenfits to field trial participants. You can download the brochure by clicking here (English version). The.. More info >>
Public database of energy demand data
The database contains data from household energy flows and environmental temperatures from individual residential dwellings. All data have been measured and stored as part of the.. More info >>