Since its founding more than 136 years ago the Vaillant Group has been one of the market leaders and technological pace-setters of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry. In line with its corporate vision, Vaillant offers its customers around the world simple, eco-friendly and energy-saving solutions for heating, cooling and hot water. Technologies based on renewable energies, such as solar thermal and photovoltaic installations, heat pumps and wood pellet boilers are thereby becoming increasingly important. There is also a growing demand for environment-friendly hybrid systems that intelligently combine various components with each other, such as solar collectors, hot water storage cylinders and controls. The product portfolio also encompasses highly-efficient combined heat and power appliances based on gas engines for the use in single- or multi-family homes. These microCHP systems represent today’s most efficient gas technology.

What we do

The Vaillant Group counts among the pioneers in developing fuel cell heating appliances, the future of innovative combined heat and power. For more than 10 years, Vaillant Group has successfully conducted development work in this field. In 1998 already, Vaillant Group commenced the R&D activities. In 1998 already, Vaillant commenced the activities in this field and has successfully conducted development work for more than 10 years now. At present a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) microCHP system designed for private homes is tested within a German field trial.

Our role in the ene.field project

Vaillant’s role in the project will be a supplier of FCHA’S and will be responsible for service and maintenance efforts during the operation of the systems. Currently Vaillant extends its demonstration activities with the microCHP fuel cell appliance. Based on the plain and robust SOFC system design 2.0 kW of heat and 1.0 kW of electricity can be produced at the same time. In the ene.field project about 130 of these systems will be deployed within the next years, mainly in 2014. Projects with utilities, municipalities and even end-users are possible in ene.field. All activities will be supported by solid experience of our service organization within several EU member states.


National contact point for Germany, please contact:

National contact point for Austria, please contact:

National contact point for France, please contact:

Please quote “pile à combustible” in the object of the email / Merci d’advance de bien vouloir inclure “pile à combustible” dans la section object de votre email.

Please note it can take up to 3 weeks for us to process your request and get back to you. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Express Interest

Please contact the national contact point for your country and check the questionnaire below to see if you match the requirements. It would be useful if you could send us an email with the information below so that your contact point can already have this information at hand when they contact you:

  • Select which best describes you, or the organisation considering purchasing a fuel cell mCHP?

Options: Residential / Business / Governmental organisation / non-profit organisation / Other

  • When would you need the system to be installed in your house?

Options: Urgently / In the next 6 months / I don’t mind.  (Please note that installation cannot be organised for emergency replacement of your current heating system as the arrangement for installing our systems could take some time.)

  • Do you have an electricity and gas connection in your building?

Options: YES / NO Installation cannot be organised in building with no electricity or gas connection as both are required for the system to be able to operate.

  • Do you have  600 x 625 x 986 mm of clear space to install the fuel cell mCHP? 

Options: YES / NO

  • If you know it, please specify your heat consumption (and metric for measurement) over the last year  (you can find this information on your utility bill).

Options:  measurement / I don’t know

  • Are you able to make a financial contribution?

Options: YES / NO

A financial contribution will be required to have one of our system installed. The national contact point will be able to provide additional information on the financial contribution required. 

Model from Vaillant Group: Vaillant G5+


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