Picture1This Position Paper supplies an accurate overview of the current Regulations Codes & Standards (RC&S) framework throughout the Europe for what concerns the installation aspects referring to the Fuel Cell-based microCombined Heat and Power (FC-based microCHP) systems. Its aim is to analyze the existing scenario and, when necessary, to supply opinions and suggestions for possible future actions that can help the diffusion of this technology.

First of all, the already existing projects, dealing with RC&S activities, were evaluated and, for each of them, all the results that can be useful for the Ene.field project were highlighted.

The analysis was conducted through two steps. The former dealt with a research of the existing RC&S related to the installation aspects at an International, European and National level. The documentation collected was grouped according to topics considered relevant to this argument.

The latter consisted in a collaboration, by means of two questionnaires, with the European manufacturers involved in the Ene.field project. The questionnaires deal respectively with the status of the European Standards and the European Regulations and Directives. The aim of this kind of analysis was to get an opinion on what is satisfactory, what is necessary to modify and what has to be completely eliminated, regarding the current legislation, from the point of view of the FC-based microCHP systems manufacturers directly involved.