This report is an evaluation on the current state of the art (at the beginning of the project)  with regards to field support arrangements, training and certification. This document will ensure that all partners are aware of lessons learnt during previous projects (including the Callux project, other national field trials and other EU funded projects) and that ene.field builds upon this experience.

A final review of the lessons learned on training and qualification during ene.field will be developed at a later stage, and will summarise best practices across the EU Member States for the future including:

• Training and certification for installers and maintenance personnel

• Structure and management of maintenance support

• How the field support supply chain has been expanded/improved as a result of the project

This report gives an overview of training courses and in particular the interest in the different topics/aspects of hydrogen and fuel cell chain.A collection of pilot training actions is reported and allows to underline the real interest on hydrogen technologies.