The ministry for economy of the German state of Hesse stepped up its support of cogeneration plants, including fuel cells installed in residential and industry locations companies. Under the new program up to 60 installations are supported with subsidies of 50 % of the investment costs, up to a maximum of 17 550 €.

The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Initiative Hesse, member of HyER,  is the state platform which represents politics, economy, science, and society in this field; the initiative reacted positively to the program. „We welcome the support of the state for the market preparation of fuel cell heating appliances“, added Prof. Dr. Birgit Scheppat, head of the initiative. „We hope that this program will promote the demand for fuel cell products and enhance the attractivity of this young market. But more efforts must be made, also on the federal level, to bring fuel cell technology really into the market.“

(More information in the Press release of Hessen Agentur GmbH of 21. July 2014)