FCH JU Programme Review 2013

The FCH-JU review days took place on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 November 2013 in Brussels, at the cars museum Autoworld.

Aim of the review days was to take stock of the achievement of the FCH-JU programme and to share the experience from the 131 projects managed by the FCH-JU office. The 1 day and a half session was divided into thematic panel discussions (transport – energy) where some key projects preselected by the Scientific Committee of the FCH-JU, were presented, while the audience had the opportunity to discover all projects at the poster session during the cocktail on Monday 11 November.

Ene.field had been selected out of the few key projects that were presented. Dr Fiona Riddoch, coordinator of the project presented its main achievements, e.g. the installations of the first units last September in Germany, by two different manufacturers.

During this both technical and networking event, the project portfolio was analysed and assessed in line with the Multiannual implementation plan (MAIP) of the programme. It was concluded that the projects are in line with the MAIP in term of efficiency, durability and reliability. As for cost analysis, there is still a room for improvement and hence a deeper cost analysis. The volumes are in most of the projects far from being achieved but this is in most of the cases due to external factors.

The Scientific Committee of the FCH-JU noted some best practices and encourage the other projects to follow this path. Those best practices are the following: Follow-up strategies and organisation of joint workshops involving different projects.

The review days were followed by the FCH-JU stakehodlers general assembly on 13 November, which attract high-level polity makers and representatives of the industry, of the research along with public authorities.

More information on this event here.

You can access the Programme and presentations here