ene.field Field Support Reports: Review of lessons learnt
The large-scale market introduction of fuel cell (FC) based micro combined heat and power (micro-CHP) systems in applications such as residential use faces a broad.. More info >>
Report on the Grid Connection of fuel cell based micro-CHPs: Standards, legislations, issues and lessons learned
This position paper is part of the ene.field project (European-wide field trials for residential fuel cell micro-CHP) More info >>
Position Paper on Smart Grid Capabilities
Fuel cell based micro CHP units in homes and commercial buildings could provide vital network services to the electricity grid More info >>
Position Paper on RCS (regulations, codes and standards)
This Position Paper supplies an accurate overview of the current Regulations Codes & Standards (RC&S) framework throughout the Europe for what concerns the installation aspects referring.. More info >>
European Supply Chain Analysis Report
This report, published  as part of the ene.field project, analyses the European supply chain for fuel cell micro-CHP and identifies three main challenges.. More info >>
Field Support Report
This report is an evaluation on the current state of the art (at the beginning of the project)  with regards to field support.. More info >>