Technology Shift in Micro-CHP: Fuel Cell Outsells Engines for the First Time
For the first time ever, fuel cells have become the most common technology employed in micro-CHP systems sold today More info >>
Micro-CHP – A cost-effective solution to save energy, reduce GHG emissions and partner with intermittent renewables
COGEN Europe Position Paper Micro-CHP is the state-of-the-art energy supply solution for European homes and small businesses, already delivering today in its journey to the energy system.. More info >>
The role of micro CHP in a smart energy world
Supporting widespread uptake to achieve energy policy objectives Overview Our energy environment is changing rapidly as Governments globally strive to make cost efficient use of existing resources.. More info >>
Gazette de l’Hydrogène – Projet ene.field : un nouvel élan !
The Association Française pour l'Hydrogène et les Piles à Combustible has published on its Gazette de l'Hydrogène in May an article about ene.field:  Projet ene.field : un.. More info >>
Micro-CHP: the Next Generation Solution
For existing buildings, heat demand remains high and the ability to retrofit many renewable technologies is physically limited More info >>
Hannover Fair 2014
The ene.field partners will take their project to the Hannover Fair (7-11 April) where they will be meeting the wider micro FC-CHP stakeholder group to.. More info >>
Fuel Cell Today: ene.field gears-up for deployment
Fuel Cell Today published an article about ene.field: "The ene.field project was launched six months ago, at the end of September 2012, so what progress has.. More info >>
ene.field – the smart energy solution – European project gains further momentum
The EU co-funded ene.field project, the largest demonstration of micro FC-CHP in Europe, chose Berlin for its second project meeting in order to build on.. More info >>
ene.field project partners to hold their consortium meeting in Berlin this month
On 20-21 February, ene.field project partners will be convening in Berlin to discuss the progress achieved so far and plan the next steps
Pei: Mega trial opens Europe to micro-CHP
Power Engineering International published and article about the ene.field project:  Mega trial opens Europe to micro-CHP An ambitious initiative across 12 European nations, involving utilities, manufacturers and.. More info >>