Non-economic barriers: preliminary report published
The large-scale market introduction of fuel cell (FC) based micro combined heat and power (micro-CHP) systems in applications such as residential use faces a broad.. More info >>
Ene.field Secrecy policy, Questionnaires
Your answers from the Questionnaire will be stored in a locked data base with restricted access More info >>
COGEN Europe Annual Conference 2016 – 22-23rd March – #thepowerofheat
As the European Commission prepares to deploy its first Heating and Cooling Strategy it also finds itself grappling with a range of pressing questions on.. More info >>
Press Release 13 – Customers like the idea of ene.field home energy solutions, one of the innovative technologies highlighted in the EU’s new Strategy on Heating and Cooling
Over three quarters of householders taking part in the ene.field project are attracted by the idea of a home energy solution providing both heat and.. More info >>
Callux: Fuel Cell Heating Appliances Ready for Market Launch
The Callux project has had its final project event, presenting to a broad audience the result of several years of investment More info >>
Callux Presents New Video on Fuel Cell micro-CHP
Callux is Germany’s biggest practical test for fuel cell heating systems for domestic use. Three system manufacturers are involved in the project – BAXI INNOTECH, Hexis and.. More info >>
German Nordmagazin published video of residential FC mCHP
The German Nordmagazin has published a video highlighting the installation and function of a residential FC mCHP, which was installed by Vaillant within the context.. More info >>
Vaillant provides hotel with fuel cell
Ene.field partner Vaillant has provided the historical Logherberhaus Hotel with a fuel cell. The listed Lohgerberhaus in the centre of Balve is a slate-clad half-timbered house dating back to.. More info >>
Press Release 10 – Fuel cell micro-CHP in Europe on the rise: ene.field project passes major milestone
Fuel cell micro-CHP in Europe on the rise: ene.field project passes major milestone ene.field: the smart energy solution PRESS RELEASE: 14 September 2015 Europe's fuel cell micro-CHP industry.. More info >>
Press Release 9 – ene.field joins myCHP campaign
myCHP, a new campaign showing CHP users sharing real-life experiences of how cogeneration serves the heat and power needs of businesses and home-owners all over Europe, is.. More info >>